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Business Simulations

Business Simulations in Detroit, MI Organizations cannot maximize success if they don’t have a work force that understands the things that drive financial success both internally and externally. The sad fact is that most employees don’t understand financial metrics, how cash moves through a system, and the impact their efficiency has on their company’s cash flow and profitability. Further, they really don’t understand how they personally impact those metrics by what they do and don’t do.

Our board based business simulations are designed to increase the business and financial acumen of an organization’s leaders and employees. Through the simulations, we help organizations teach their leaders and/or employees how to drive profitability by allowing participants to “experience” the real-life complexities of running the business. Our business simulations are hands-on, board based experiences (not lectured based) that allow your organization to pre-create the environment your leaders and/or employees will be engaging in during the simulation. The result is a more educated workforce that not only "gets it" logically, they "feel it" emotionally.

At the strategic level, an organization’s leaders are broken into teams and are challenged to manage “their own company” over a predetermined number of simulated business cycles during which they compete for customers, markets, and profit. They must make decisions in all aspects of their business: operations, sales, marketing, finance, and research & development. They decide the markets to attack, where and how to invest, which products should be developed, and how best to manage resources. They’re faced with challenging situations requiring them to balance shareholder needs with profitability, cash, and growth requirements. By doing so, they ultimately experience the effects of their decisions without risking real money.

At the tactical level, employees, supervisors, and front line managers with little or no financial background work in teams and make decisions which impact the day-to-day operations of their “company”. In doing so, they understand how what they do directly impacts the health of their organization. They learn how the business works, how it makes money, how cash moves through the organization, how decisions in one area impact the financial success of the organization, and (perhaps most importantly) how to align their efforts with the organization’s long term strategy.

Simulations are available for a wide variety of organizations and for all levels of employees, from blue collar participants, to sales teams, department managers, and folks at the C-suite level.